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Tradition & Tomatoes

3 Jul

Tradition & Tomatoes

“Around 5000 miles away, lies a land similar to ours, in taste and tradition. A country that is simply mesmerizing and beautiful, Spain is full of Football, fiesta & passion.”

Known for its vivid and vast culture, Spain is truly an amazing wonder with so much more to offer than just to your eye. A blend of elegance and sheer beauty, the country is home to wonderful cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Granada and much more that provide you with memories to cherish forever. The charming coves, serene coast, shimmering nights and robust art make the country the perfect place to visit. Apart from all this, what really stands out is the vast culture and age old tradition that is truly amazing and intriguing. A true epitome of this age old tradition is the La Tomatina festival.

Similar to Holi in India, La Tomatina is a festival celebrated by throwing tomatoes at each other. Celebrated on the streets of Bunol in Valencia, La Tomatina is a festivity that is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August every year. What started as a food fight between two gangs was developed into a traditional festival and has been enjoyed by localites and tourists throughout the world alike. The streets of blooming Bunol turn completely red by the tomato debris with as many as 40,000 people participating in the tomato fight. A day filled with joy, passion, music, dance and lots and lots of tomatoes, the day of La Tomatina begins with a small activity that involves getting down the ham stuck above a greasy pole. As soon as the ham is struck down, the tomato fight starts and lasts for an hour before the trucks come in and hose down the streets with water.

Apart from this zesty and fun filled fiesta, Valencia is a must visit city for reasons like its mesmerizing art, charming culinary exquisitely savoured with romance, beautiful beaches and charming coasts and the pleasing weather throughout the year. Witness and experience the wonderful La Tomatina and serene streets of Valencia with this Super Offer Package by Go Travel Spain which takes you through the cultural and artistic tour of Splendid Spain.


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