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“Si Quiero” in Barcelona

27 Oct

“Si Quiero” in Barcelona

An  expression of love that binds people through vows and turn two souls into one-wedding is an event that celebrates love, friendship and trust. The first chapter of a new journey, it is a memory that people reminiscence for days many. It is an event that celebrates love, partnership and prosperity, a wedding deserves to be cherished in a place that is beyond heavenly.

A picturesque destination that brings other places to shame and has always been on the  top lists of travellers and globe trotters is Barcelona. It is a location that surpasses the definition of beauty and a perfect spot that exceeds the expectations and can be apt for any celebration. It is defined as a place that commemorates a wedding in its true essence and beautifies the entire experience and memories that the event holds.

There is no place more beautiful than Barcelona that gives you experiences and events that make the perfect jewels for your memory to adorn. Barcelona has today, become quite a rage especially amongst people tying the knot as it offers the best of the places from the fields of Empordà to the beautiful coves of the Costa Brava, that captures your senses and take you into place of tranquillity.  With country houses full of magic and charm, princess castles, avant-garde hotels and spectacular farms, it is a delight for the sore eyes and a place that is would be a perfect for any fairy tale memories to swarm.

In addition to the beauty, the other thing that gleams in the air of Barcelona is superstition. A joke for many it holds great significance for the people and include practices that helps the newly weds to crawl their way to a successful marriage. It is a place that breeds rich culture and offers an array of options that makes it a perfect wedding destination. From traditions that are said to enlighten the couple and their bond spiritually to a place that can satiate the gastronomical desires of many, Barcelona is a place that would never fail to amaze with every step you take.

Barcelona is considered to be a destination that brings everything to life which people have only envisioned. It is the perfect destination to turn dreams into a reality as it has the best of everything, climate to gastronomy, traditional to modernity. It is a distinguished place that is suitable for all kinds of people and their requirements.

In addition to the entire soulfulness of a wedding, Barcelona also serves as an exceptional place for honeymoon to write new chapters of your life with historical heritage to discover, beaches, landscapes, secret gardens, wonderful streets and places that are just beyond description.

GoTravel Spain helps you plan customised itineraries of Barcelona to explore the exquisite destination at your own pace. Check out our exquisite Barcelona package, ‘Drift Away In Love’ to acquaint yourself with the city and feel the charm through words.

Barcelona is a place that carries loves in the air and has everything that is exquisite and rare. A perfect destination to witness the making of a new bond, it just isn’t a city but a feeling in all.


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